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News & Events: Filming Hummingbirds in Brazil and Ecuador

Monday 13th February 2012 | (0) Comments

Over the past 5 months I have been filming for a 1 hour TV programme on Hummingbirds.This has taken me to the USA, Ecuador and Brazil. What a fantastic experience it has been, starting at sea level and ending up at 15000'in the Andes, yes Hummingbirds do live at those altitudes!! We have filmed some of the smallest, the Thorntails through to the largest, the Giant Hummingbird, about the size of a Starling. Using a Phantom High Speed camera we were able to capture amazing behaviour and really see the beauty and manoeuvreability of these stunning little birds. At 1000 frames per second (40 times slower than normal) you can really see their incredible capacity to fly backwards, sideways and even upside down!! The film looks at the evolution of Hummingbirds and how they are adapted to pollinate different plant species, insects of cause pollinate too, but they can't fly in the rain as Hummingbirds can. One of the highlights of the film is the Black Jacobin flying in the rain in slow motion. No dates as yet for the transmission of the programme, I will post it here when I know.